Customer Service
According to the business philosophy of Maxwell, customers are always our first priority. Maxwell focuses on customer requirements and continuously carries out optimization and innovation from multiple dimensions, such as product quality, manufacturing cost, process flexibility, operation safety, production efficiency and delivery speed.

Through superior products, high-quality services and professional solutions, Maxwell continuously improves customer experience, creates higher value for customers, and establishes a win-win & mutual-improvement?partnership with customers.
  • Professional Technical
    Support Team
    The Company has a professional technical service team comprising nearly 400 engineers, in which nearly 300 engineers are dispatched to the plants of customers in China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other places in the world, to provide real-time, efficient and accompanying technical support and service, and help customers constantly improve production efficiency through field research and application of new technologies.
  • Comprehensive Pre-sales and
    Post-sales Services
    We provide comprehensive and in-depth services to customers, from customer requirement analysis, customer consultation & suggestion and product design in the early stage, to fast delivery, installation & commissioning and technical training in the sales process, and finally to quality tracing, process upgrade and so on in the later stage, in order to ensure that our products and solutions meet and even exceed the expected requirements of customers.
  • Efficient Service
    Response Mechanism
    By establishing a smooth communication channel to customers, the Company keeps in touch with customers and responds to customer requirements rapidly through the comprehensive service response mechanism.
  • Flexible Customization
    The Company focuses on the customers' individualized requirements, and the R&D and production teams will constantly carry out adjustment and iteration of the hardware and software of equipment based on the update of customers' production processes and the change of production sites and space, so that the products conform to the specific requirements of the customers.