Our Team
Maxwell is a large family comprising more than 2,000 members, who are respectable and lovely "Maxwellers" joining together with the same dream, coming from different places and specializing in various of professional areas. The team is full of enthusiasm, energy and momentum for opening up the future.
As a robust and rapidly developing enterprise, we expect you to join in the team, pursue the dream with us, and become a distinguished participant in the vision of Maxwell.
Platform Advantages
  • Industry leadership
  • Technology forefront
  • Listed Company
  • Rapid development
  • Promotion mechanism
  • Growth space
  • Performance reward
  • Equity incentive
Welfare Treatment
  • Complete social
  • Free-of-charge
    work meals
  • Comprehensive
  • Colorful holiday
  • Exciting team
    building activities
  • Reading and
    leisure center